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Volunteer fire department Bruchsal

“Powerful, dedicated and unsolicited. This is the work of the fire brigade Bruchsal with its departments Bruchsal, Büchenau, Obergrombach, Heidelsheim, Helmsheim, and Untergrombach.”

Our contribution to the support of our unsalaried work at the voluntary fire brigade Bruchsal. From the first idea to the finished film, we worked very closely with the city and the marketing work group of the fire brigade for almost a year.

We asked for an imagefilm. After a long analysis and development, we were able to create a spot with the support of the city and with local companies. With our film we want to help – as a substitute for all voluntary fire brigades. The spot was created as part of the advertising campaign of the Bruchsal fire brigade and distributed in the cinema, in the regional TV and on the Internet.