Corporate Publishing

Editorial skills with design professionalism

Creating content

In this digital age, consumers are more demanding than ever – and of course they have every right to be. Customers want to be given detailed background knowledge in relation to services, companies and production processes, so as to be able to make a well-informed decision to purchase. Meeting this desire for comprehensive information and in-depth content is a challenge every company has to face. We will support you and show you how you can see this challenge as a big opportunity and take advantage of it.

Before choosing the medium, we will advise on the question of possible content: new trends in the company, information and products and brands and other relevant topics will be examined closely and written up in such a way as to appeal to readers. Possible target groups can be customers, employees, dealers, suppliers or investors. In addition, journalistic articles with a more extended range can add a dimension to the brand image, and make a mark on it in unique ways. The important thing here is an appealing narrative approach, one that focuses on people and their stories.

Our company combines editorial skills with design professionalism. As a result we are able to offer content planning, design (including graphic design) and realisation in print, all from a single source. Our range includes customer and employee newspapers, glossy prospectuses and catalogues, corporate chronicles and image brochures – as well as audio and video productions and multimedia presentations on the internet.