Corporate Design

Distinct identity and practical aspects

Consistent presentation

On the basis of your brand strategy, we will ensure that your company comes across to the public with a consistent image. The goal of any Corporate Design is a harmoniously self-contained, positive presentation of your company at the interface with its customers and business partners. A stringent and convincing Corporate Design is the precondition for creating a distinct identity and boosting the profile of your brand in the public eye.

Along with the design of the brand (both text logo and graphics), Corporate Design also determines the appearance of business correspondence and documents, the character of advertising and the look of your website, as well as of your products and packaging. It isn’t just a matter of projecting your image to the general public – you also want your employees to identify with the company and with the brand. This end is served by the unified and consistent design of the most diverse elements – ranging from the billboard to professional wear and internal communications.

Along with the distinct identity you want to have, we don’t lose sight of practical aspects. A corporate font should not just be succinct and unusual – it also needs to be legible. Corporate Design is more than just embellishment. It can be understood as a guideline which guarantees a consistent presentation in the context of corporate communication. A comprehensive strategy, an implementation concept and visual documentation in the form of a design manual are all crucial factors in developing your CD.