Creative concepts for your success.

Successful concepts presuppose a clear strategy and objectives.

Three steps for optimal marketing mix ...

Analysis and Consulting - Phase 1 of 3

The view from the outside gives you the chance to find out potentials, special features and new ideas. Our task is to observe carefully, manage extensive dialogs and create concepts. We analyze your business, your goals and visions and familiarize ourselves with your sales and marketing strategies.

Together we will provide the necessary information from the different areas of your business together. In order to understand your core competencies, we work our way into your area. So we learn best, the target groups of your products or services known. A look at your competitors gives us information on your market position.

Strategy and Planning - Phase 2 of 3

Successful concepts presuppose a clear strategy and objectives. With our marketing and communication concepts we pay attention to the balance between your product policy, economy, the needs of your target groups and their markets. After evaluation of the analysis results we will submit proposals for the ideal tune your product and sub-business goals on the laws of your markets.

We structure your interests by relevant criteria and draw attention to important points of intersection between your marketing and sales. Advertising is most effective when all divisions mesh.

As part of the analysis and strategy phases now are all essential building blocks that are necessary for successful implementation of our concept.

Marketing and Production - Phase 3 of 3

In the production, we rely on a team of specialized staff and partners from the fields of project management, text & PR, photography, graphic design, typesetting, printing, media, TV production, programming, network and server technology and quality management.

With the right marketing mix of product, price, distribution and communication policy, we find the optimal solution for you.

With over 15 years of production experience, we offer best practices and cross media into the traditional print media, the new media, social networks, digital signage and direct marketing.

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