Brand Building

Developing its own identity

Creating brands

Brands with a distinct individuality are a powerful publicity tool. Developing a brand of this kind calls for time, care and strategic thinking. Looking at a logo or a legend, what is the first thing that is going to come into a person’s head? What is the unique selling point of your company? With a view to bringing the text and graphics that make up your brand to life, we will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive brand strategy.

Who are your target group? What competitors do you want to set yourself off against? What makes your product or your service unique? In a thoroughgoing process of evaluation, we use the answers to these questions as the basis for distilling your brand promise. In addressing its potential customers, a strong brand depends on the fusion of emotion and understanding, promise and performance.

Taking the complexity and variety of what you offer as a starting point, we will arrive at a simple and convincing message that summarises what you do in a nutshell. On the basis of this core brand statement we develop the spectrum of your services – on the basis of publicity work that relies on all channels, and highlights all your positive aspects: top-quality products, innovation, value-oriented dealings and supreme customer service.

In combination with a consistent corporate presentation, your brand message can thus become the most powerful trump in your hand.



Maintaining brands

The long-term maintenance and updating of a brand that has once been successfully launched is a very important matter, and calls for major ongoing input. The brand message is intimately bound up with the successful work of the company itself. The continued existence and careful adaptation of the brand presentation are crucially dependent on a regular comparison of the company’s core strategy with the objective implementation of its PR approach.

Brands that are successful in the long term move with the times, without compromising their nature. Though capable of evolving, they remain true to themselves, and are always seeking to understand the expectations, needs and preferences of their target group in a new light. Brand maintenance, as we see it, is conservative in the best sense, in that it holds on to what has been tried and found effective, without excluding the possibility of new developments. Exceptional innovations on the market, in connection with the product or the target group, can in some cases call for a fundamental repositioning and strategic reorientation.